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Send Console Commands from LotusScript

This code shows how to send a console command to a Lotus Notes server from Lotus Script using the NSFRemoteConsole function from the C API. The user ID that this runs under needs remote console access which is granted in the Administrator field of the server document. In my example, I force the AdminP process on a server to process all requests, but this can be useful to force replication, logging of statistics, etc.

Code: (Declarations)

Declare Function NSFRemoteConsole Lib "nnotes.dll" _
(Byval ServerName As String, _
Byval ConsoleCommand As String, _
rethBuffer As Long) As Integer

Sub SendConCMD
   Dim api_res As Integer
   Dim hBuf As Long

   'Send the console command TELL ADMINP PROCESS ALL to server SALES01
   api_res = NSFRemoteConsole("SALES01", "TELL ADMINP PROCESS ALL", hBuf)
End Sub

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