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Send pop-up admin messages to Lotus Notes users from Domino Server

Send admin notifications to Lotus Notes users via pop-up messages sent from the Domino Server console instead of through the often ignored status bar.

Messages broadcast from the Domino Server console show up on the Lotus Notes status bar. However, I've found that the status bar text is so small that no one actually notices it.

Sending admin messages in a pop-up window is a better method for notifying users, because everyone in your network can see it much more clearly. This tip shows how to send a message in pop-up window to users from a Lotus Domino server.

If you are broadcasting from the Lotus Notes Administrator client:

  • From the Domino Server status tab, choose the Broadcast Message task.
  • Next, type in whatever you would like your message to say -- but make sure to precede it with an exclamation mark enclosed in parentheses (!).

For example: Broadcast "(!) Notes server will be closing down in 5 minutes. Please save your work!"

If you are broadcasting from the actual Domino console:

  • Type "Broadcast," followed by the same exclamation point enclosed in parentheses (!). However, when typing in your message this time, you want to make sure to enclose both your exclamation point and message in double quotes.

For example: Broadcast "(!) Notes server will be closing down in 5 minutes. Please save your work!"

This message will be displayed on all Lotus Notes clients that have an active session on your Lotus Domino server.


This is now a standard option on the Administrator client tab of Lotus Notes 8.0. However, it is good to know for the console command.
—Keith B.


This functionality is built into the Administrator client, and is much easier to use in the GUI.

Click on Server -> Notes Users, and then right-click on User and select your Broadcast Message.
—Larry D.

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