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Sending Mail From Ms Office Applications Directly Through Lotus Notes 4.6.X

Since R5.02c (I think) there is in User Preferences - Additional Options the
feature "Enable MS Office SendTo to Notes". Wouldn't it be nice to enable this
feature for R4.6.x as well...
Instead of all those MAPI Procedures in co-orporation with Windows Messaging,
try the following to send it directly to Notes.

1. Copy file

Copy the nmailman.dll file to the Notes directory (i.e. C:Notes). (This file
is beinging installed with R5.02c (or higher) in the R5 Folder.)

2. Edit registry

Open the Registry Editor (Start - Run - regedit - OK)
Open the HKEY:


(Important: 8.0 stands for MS Office 97 ; 9.0 stands for MS Office 2000 and
I-Explorer 5.x)

In the above mentioned HKEY, add a new key (Edit -New - Key). Name this key

Select this new key, there is shown a (Default) String value in the right pane.
Leave this one the way it is.
Now add a new String Value (Edit - New - String Value) and name it DLL32. The
value of this String is the path to the nmailman.dll file

3. Closing up

Close the Registry Editor (Reboot is not nessesary) and Start any MS Office
Application (i.e. MS Word, MS Excel or MS Powerpoint). Choose File - Send To -
Mail Recipient.
Now Lotus Notes starts (When it not has been started jet) and promts for the
(Lotus Notes) password. After entering the password and pressed , Notes
opens a new memo with the MS Office document as an attachment.

To give the attachment a logical name, the MS document must first be saved in
the right MS application before it is being send to Notes.

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