Sending and receiving mail from many different Internet domain names

Problem: You have a virtual organization with many Notes domains with one server and you want to send and receive mail from many different Internet domain names. Domino typically is configured to handle only one Internet domain. 

Solution: In the 'Internet domain suffix' field of the "Global Domain" document, simply enter "com" as the first entry. Domino will then add your Notes Domain + ".com" after the "@" sign to outbound mail messages. List your Notes domains in the 'Notes domains and aliases' field and use it to modify the Notes domain to the corresponding Internet domain. i.e. 

Your Notes domain is ACME and you want your Internet mail to be from acmecorp.com you would enter: "ACME=acmecorp" remember, Domino will add the ".com". You only need to add this if you are changing the Notes domain on the Internet. If your Notes domain and your Internet domain are the same, just add the Notes domain once with no "=" sign. 

You must have at least one Domain listed here to use this method, usually the Notes domain of the server running the MTA. On the Inbound side, Domino will accept mail for only "[email protected]" but this won't do. Simply enter each domain that you wish to receive mail for as a separate line in the 'Internet domain suffix' field. 

To have people from the same Notes domain send/receive mail using different Internet domains add multiple entries in the 'Notes domains and aliases' field i.e. "ACME=acmecorp", "ACME=acmedivision", "ACME=productname". Then in the person document, in the 'Short name and/or Internet address' filed, make the first entry the fully qualified name that they wish to send out as. i.e. [email protected] 

They will send all mail out as this address, but they will receive mail at all domains listed that match uniquely, i.e. [email protected] and [email protected] A fully loaded 'Notes domains and aliases' field could look like this: "BigCorp", "ACME=acmecorp", "ACME=acmedivision", "ACME=productname", "VirtualCorp=mycompany". If you have different root domains, for example acme.com and acme.net, you will need two Notes SMTP MTA's, as you cannot leave the first line blank in the 'Internet domain suffix' field.

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