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Sequential numbers using LotusScript

This script is used for generating sequential numbering of fields in the document.

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This simple script is used for generating sequential numbering of fields in the document. First, create a field SequenceNo. It should be Editable, Number. Then, add the script below in QuerySave subfunction of Main Document.

Dim doc As NotesDocument
Dim tmpSeqNo As Variant
Dim NxtSeqNo As Variant

Set collection = db.AllDocuments
Set doc = collection.GetLastDocument
If source.IsNewDoc Then
  tmpSeqNo = doc.GetItemValue
  If Isnumeric(tmpSeqNo(0)) Then
     NxtSeqNo = tmpSeqNo(0) + 1
     End If
     NxtSeqNo = Cstr(NxtSeqNo)
     Call Source.FieldSetText 
("SequenceNo", NxtSeqNo)
     End If


I think this tip is something that you should NOT use ,since this will not work properly in a replicated environment. It will (at least theoretically) be possible for conflicts to occur in a heavy multi-user environment or, even worse, two documents could be assigned the same "sequential" number before the backend document is updated.

I strongly advice that if you really want to use sequential numbering in your application, please read this technical article.

—Kenneth A.


This tip doesn't work correctly when you have replicas on other servers or more than one user who worked with this database at the same time.


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