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Set date without time via LotusScript

This tip shows you how to set the date without the time section via LotusScript.

Most methods for setting a date field via LotusScript leave you with a date in this format:

13/07/2014 00:00:00 GDT

The time section always seems to get set either to the current time or 00:00:00.

If the date is required to be stored in the same format as it would be if chosen from the date picker on a form, the time part must be removed.

The LotusScript functions, CDat, DateNumber, DateValue, Format are no help here, nor is the notesddatetime object -- unless you do what I have done in the following function.

The function takes a document, a fieldname and a date and sets the field equal to the date only value of the date, without the time part.


Function SetDate(doc As notesdocument, 
strFieldName As String, strDate As 
String) 'Takes a Date and puts it in a 
field without any time part nonsense and 
as a proper date not a string.
 Dim dtmTemp As New notesdatetime ("")
 dtmTemp.LSLocalTime = Datevalue(strDate)
 Call dtmTemp.setAnyTime
 doc.ReplaceItemValue strFieldName, 
dtmTemp End Function

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