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Set your inbox's sorting order

This tip describes a procedure for sorting the contents of your inbox.

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Have you ever thought of setting your Inbox column's sorting order? For example, ascending sort by the 'From' column. A hidden feature of the Notes client will help you to achieve this.

Go to File Menu > preferences > User preferences > Basics tab > Additional Options > enable 'Retain view column sorting'.

That's it.

Now, open your Inbox, change the sort order of any column, to say 'From'. Now close and reopen your inbox to see that the sort order is still the same.

This applies to all folders and views of a Domino database on your machine.


This tip needs a caveat. If the user leaves Notes open overnight, then the sort order will resort back to the defualt for the view. Example: Inbox, clicks on column sort to change to descending. In the morning it will be acending. Seen this in 5.0.7 - .11. Do not know if it is still an issue in R6.

-- William J.

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