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Setting column width in a view

This tip will allow you to set the look of your Notes view on the web without having to code XML or heavy HTML.

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This tip will allow you to set the look of your Notes view on the web without having to code XML or heavy HTML.

First create a transparent GIF file in Photoshop or your favorite Imaging application (I suggest using 40pixels X 5pixels, sample attached). Include this file in your image resources. In the view itself, insert an extra column where needed. In the object pane set the value of the column to the transparent image resource you have created(ex: "blank.gif).

In the column property dialog box, on the column info, select Display value as icons box. Change the set width of your image to adjust the space between your columns.


  • This is what I do to set the column width on the Web. This trick is not only useful to create spaces between columns, but it can also be used to set a minimum width of a column itself. This is very handy for views where you do not want the browser to wrap the content of a given column (I use it for date columns mostly).

    The trick is to display a transparent image below the title of the column. I use ecblank.gif, which is a transparent image that domino uses itself, so it is always there. The following code inserts the image below the title of the column and effectively increases the minimum width of the column to 80 pixels:

    My Column Title[<br><img src="/icons/ecblank.gif" height="1" width="80">] —Herman Hebbink

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