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Setting up RSS feeds in Lotus Notes Domino 8

Learn step-by-step how to generate RSS feeds within your Notes client using Lotus Notes Domino 8's blog template and Domino Web Access (DWA).

Lotus Notes Domino 8 has built-in capabilities for generating Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds from Domino databases using the blog template and Domino Web Access (DWA). The Domino RSS template creates RSS feeds from any Domino view, allowing users to access news sites, blogs, podcasts, etc., directly from the Lotus Notes client.

Note: The agent and script libraries from this template can also be used within other applications.

To set up an RSS feed in Lotus Notes Domino 8, you first must create a database to manage the feeds. Next, create a new application based on the RSS Feed Generator template.

Once the database has been created, set up global options that apply to all RSS feeds. To do this, select "Set Global Options" from the application action bar.

The Global options dialog lets you control the following:

  • The protocol for accessing feeds -- either HTTP or HTTPS.
  • The RSS <guid> element prefix -- either notes:// or http://.
  • The default database redirect time, entered in seconds.
  • The available feeds header, via HTML.
  • The default HTML for the feed database.

Once your default settings have been established, define an RSS feed and direct it to a specific mail file based on a specific user or database.

After defining RSS feeds, the Lotus Domino server will direct your browser to the feed database that you created earlier. This database acts as a repository for all available feeds. From this Web page, you can add the feed into your favorite RSS feed reader.

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