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Shared Private On First Use Now Obsolete

You all know the downside to shared/private on first use - to update the user's
view, you have to get the user to delete the view and 're-add' the view. I
won't get into using LotusScript to automate this process, instead use a new R5
design object.

Single category views. Take the exact same shared/private on first use view.
Use the current SELECT statement as a guide to create a new leftmost column
(categorized). IE Old SELECT statement is something like 'AccountExec =
@UserName'. New leftmost view column would display AccountExec and is

Then create a Page (new R5 design object) and embed a Single category view.
Choose to base the single-category on a formula. You guessed it - @Username
(for the above example).

The net result is all of the functionality of the old shared/private on first
use view, plus now you can update the design ANYTIME YOU WANT and the users
will get the update the next time they use the database.

Marc Robson
Certified Lotus Instructor

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