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Shortening a document URL

For web-based workflow applications, the best way to send a user a link to a document is simply to include the document's URL in an email message. Most email software displays URLs as links that, when clicked, automatically load the target page in the user's web browser. When using this method, keep the URL short to avoid line wrapping problems. TIP: You can shorten a document URL by using a short view name instead of a 32-character view ID, and using a short key value (such as a Note ID or unique keyword) instead of the document unique ID. It is important to note that in a round-robin DNS environment, the Note ID will not always work. A few more interesting ways to shorten the URL: If the database name is long or in a subdirectory, use the 16-digit replica ID Use a view name of 0 Use a directory mapping that is very short, for example, /mailkey/* mapping to /workflow/mail/main.nsf/keyview Leave off the ?OpenDocument To order the book Advanced Domino 5 Web Programming visit

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