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Showing progress bar with class

With this code, you can show the progress of a long lasting work.

With this code, you can show the progress of a long lasting work.

Declare Public Function NEMProgressBegin Lib "nnotesws.dll" (Byval 
wFlags As Integer) As Long
Declare Public Sub NEMProgressSetBarRange Lib "nnotesws.dll" (Byval 
hWnd As Long,Byval dwMax As Long)
Declare Public Sub NEMProgressDeltaPos Lib "nnotesws.dll" (Byval 
hWnd As Long,Byval dwIncrement As Long)
Declare Public Sub NEMProgressSetBarPos Lib "nnotesws.dll" (Byval 
hWnd As Long,Byval dwPos As Long)
Declare Public Sub NEMProgressSetText Lib "nnotesws.dll" (Byval 
hWnd As Long,Byval pcszLine1 As String)
Declare Public Sub NEMProgressEnd Lib "nnotesws.dll" (Byval hWnd As

Public Class CProgressBar
	Private hWnd As Long
	Property Set Range As Long
		NEMProgressSetBarRange hWnd,Range
	End Property
	Property Set Delta As Long
		NEMProgressDeltaPos hWnd, Delta
	End Property
	Property Set Pos As Long
		NEMProgressDeltaPos hWnd, Me.Pos	
	End Property
	Property Set Text As String
		NEMProgressSetText hWnd,Text
	End Property
	Property Set Progress (Pos As Long) As String
		Me.Pos = Pos
		Text = Progress
	End Property
	Property Set ProgressBy (Delta As Long) As String
		Me.Delta = Delta
		Text = ProgressBy
	End Property
	Private Sub Init
		Range = 100
		Delta = 1
		Text = ""
		Pos = 0
	End Sub
	Sub New (Range As Long)
		hWnd = NEMProgressBegin (2)
		If Range <> 0 Then Me.Range = Range
	End Sub
	Sub Delay (Seconds As Integer)
		Dim Started
		Started = Now
		While (Now - Started) * 24 * 60 * 60 < Seconds
			'Do nothing	
	End Sub
	Sub Delete
		NEMProgressEnd hWnd
	End Sub
End Class

'Calling function**************
	'Variable de barra de progreso******************************************************
	Dim oBarraProgreso As CProgressBar
	lNoDocsRespaldo = colDocsAMover.count
	Set oBarraProgreso = New CProgressBar( colDocsAMover.count)
	For x = 1 To colDocsAMover.Count
		Set doc =  colDocsAMover.GetNthDocument(x)
		Call doc.CopyToDatabase(ndbBaseRespaldo)
		Call doc.Remove(True)
		oBarraProgreso.Text = "Faltan " & Cstr(lNoDocsRespaldo -x) & " documentos de " & Cstr(lNoDocsRespaldo) & " por respaldar"
		oBarraProgreso.Pos = x
	Next x

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