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Sign a Notes/Domino database with three lines of LotusScript member Hemang Kapadia offers this simple LotusScript code snippet that will let you sign a Notes/Domino database without haveing to go through Lotus Notes Administrator.


With this LotusScript code, you can sign a Notes/Domino database without using Lotus Notes Administrator. Just create an agent with the LotusScript code snippet below and then run it. Right click on Run in your client, or SignAgent?openagent through your Web browser to sign the Notes/Domino database.

 Sub Initialize
 Dim session As New Notessession
 Dim db As Notesdatabase
 Set db = session.Currentdatabase
 Call db.sign(DBSIGN_DOC_ALL)
End Sub


But with whose ID will it sign? If a normal user has logged in, it will sign with this ID. The normal user might not have the access to run restricted or unrestricted LotusScript agents. Ideally, it should sign with the Admin ID. Is there a way one can specify the ID where the entire database can be signed using LotusScript?
—Viki L.


The agent will sign the database with the ID of the user who signed the agent. Then, you might ask "if the agent is signing with the Admin ID, what's the point?" Admin can use the Lotus Administrator to do it , but what about the developers who don't have access?

This agent can be used for the following scenarios:

  1. Use the Run on Behalf of property of the agent and select the Admin ID; the database will be signed with the ID selected. Anyone can run the agent, as it will sign with the Admin ID.

  2. This agent can be used for a feature that is used by developers or a client where the user can select single or multiple databases, and run the agent from a single button click. This will sign all the databases with the Admin ID, as the agent is signed with admin or by using the method in Point 1 above.
—Hemang Kapadia, tip author

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