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Solution for DbColumn 64k limit on the Web

DbColumn is very useful and is frequently used in Domino applications. But what if the limit exceeds 64 KB?

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DbColumn is very useful and is frequently used in Domino applications. But what if the limit exceeds 64k? Here is a solution for that limitation.

Step 1: Make a view  with one column.In the column write this formula:

 (lookupfield is the fieldname, you want to lookup)

Enable view property "Treat view content as HTML"

Step2: Open the form where u want to make a lookup.
 Put these lines 
[<SELECT name="lookuplist">]  
 embed the view here you created above.
 (lookuplist is the field on your form, which will capture the value
you select from the list) Open the embedded view properties. In the first tab Display using HTML In the second tab select. Customize the size of window according to your requirement And Select "Show Content only"


This tip works, but the maximum number of entries it can display is 1000.

-- member


This tips works fine for getting round the 64K limit -- until you hit another limit, that is. The limit on how many lines can be displayed in the view is what seems to be capped at 1000 (R 5.12) I have more than 1000 options to display and would be grateful if the author of the tips can give me some feedback.

-- Aymen M.


I have a way to get around the problem mentioned about the 1000 line limit. There is a server document setting that allows you to specify the maximum number of lines to return on a view listing. It's called "Maximum lines per view page." The default value is 1000. This can be changed to 0 for no limit or any other number. This setting does affect every database on the server, but it is only specifying a maximum, not the default. That is a separate field in the server document.

—Michael H.

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