Specify The Workspace To Launch As The Default Home Page When They Upgrade To Notes R5

How to specify the workspace to launch as the default home page for all users
when they upgrade to Notes R5, with having them select it themselves.
End-user training is always a concern when upgrading to a new release. For new
users, the new R5 client UI is more intuitive, but when upgrading existing
users, you might want to give them the familiar workspace (desktop.dsk) instead
as a starting point. This can help ease adoption of the new release because
your users can begin exploring the new features, while still retaining the
familiar look-and-feel of Notes.

By customizing the bookmark template before rolling out the Notes R5 client,
you can set the workspace to launch as the default home page. As users become
more comfortable with the new interface, they can choose their own home page by
using the mouse to right click on a bookmark entry and selecting "Set Bookmark
as Home Page". The Welcome database is located in the Favorites bookmark
folder, or they can choose any other database as their launch option.

To customize the bookmark.ntf to launch the workspace as the default home page:

Launch the R5 Designer client
Open the bookmark.ntf
Select Outlines
Edit the userbookmarkorder outline
Expand the databases outline entry
Select the workspace entry
Open the outline entry properties box and go to the hide-when tab
Hold down the shift key
Toggle (click and unclick) the hide from Notes 4.6 and later checkbox

When installing the Notes client, substitute your modified bookmark.ntf for the
default template. When the user launches Notes for the first time, it will
still create the bookmarks database (bookmark.nsf) and copy all their workspace
icons into bookmark folders, but instead of seeing the Welcome page, they will
see the workspace icons.

An important note: After the first setup of the bookmarks from the
desktop.dsk, there is no further synchronization between the two. Users can
resync newly added icons into bookmark folders by closing Notes, deleting the
bookmark.nsf file and restarting Notes. However, it's one-way only. Changes
made directly to the bookmark folders cannot be synchronized with the
desktop.dsk. For this reason, users should be encouraged to become comfortable
with and move to the new bookmarks interface as quickly as possible.

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