Stop Mail Relays From Spammers

I was given this little tip by a Lotus tech and found it very useful in
preventing spamming of the type where malicious messages are relayed through
your Domino server's open SMTP port to unsuspecting email users on the other
side. The spamming protection involves a parameter set in the NOTES.ini file
and is useful for prevention of relay spamming on Domino servers running the
SMTPMTA task with no firewall protection between your server and the Internet.
It can be tested by pointing your browser to-->
<-- then scrolling to "SMTP Relay Check" and placing the IP address of your
server in the appropriate box and submitting the querie. It can take about an
hour for this site to verify that no mail was relayed but if you are logging
mail routing events on your Domino server you probably already know it worked.
Look for a log entry containing the following text; "This MTA does not accept
relays" as your personal verification that the test was a success.

This parameter was released within SMTP MTA version 4.6. Placing this parameter
into operation assures that your SMTP MTA cannot be used as a relay by external
spammers. Usage in the NOTES.INI file is as follows:


Unfortunately, this parameter cannot be used if your users are accessing the
Domino server using POP3. Enabling this protocol disables the use of POP mail
since POP needs a SMTP relay host to send mail.

If you are not using POP mail, it is highly recommended that you set this
parameter to protect your system and eliminate the potential that your system
be used as a spam relay host.

For more info point your browser to:


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