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Sure: No Reboot After Notes Crash

(Use this if you're running several sessions on one machine.)
On one of the previous tips, it was stated that it is enough to end the Namgr
process to succesfully start up Notes client after a crash, but sometimes
stopping Namgr is not enough . . .
The tip cited below is an update to a previous tip:

Notes does nor only consist of the namgr task. To succesfully restart Notes,
you also have to end all of the following tasks (if they exist):


This is not a complete list. If you have a Notes session crash on a server, I
advise that you do not try ending the processes, but launch Notes with a Notes
copy of desktop. Moreover, using this technique, you can launch several Notes

Make a link. Set Executable to nlnotes.exe in the Notes directory. Set "Start
in" directory for instance to c:\Notes1, where c:\notes1 is a valid directory.
Place notes.ini into c:\notes1 and change directory key of notes.ini to
c:\notes1. Copy your ID-file to c:\notes1.

Do one of the following
1. Copy your existing desktop: desktop.dsk, names.nsf, bookmarks.nsf (for R5),
etc. to c:\notes1.
2. Copy bookmarks.ntf and names.ntf to c:\notes1.

Be sure there are no notes.ini in directory of nlnotes.exe.
Launch link.

If you followed the first variant, then Notes will use a copy of the existing
desktop. If you used the second variant, the program will create a new desktop.

Using this technique, you can create Notes2, Notes3, etc. and may run several
Notes clients -- one for every complicated task and one for mail.

Good luck.

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