Synchronizing your contacts

This Lotus Notes/Domino utility synchronizes contacts located in your Lotus Notes personal address book with the contacts located in your Domino server based mailfile.

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This utility synchronizes contacts located in your Lotus Notes personal address book with the contacts located in your Domino server mailfile. When using a Notes client, contacts are maintained in your personal address book. However, when using a Web browser or other Web-based product (such as iNotes) to access your Notes mailfile on a Domino server, any contacts you add are stored in the mailfile itself. This utility ensures the synchronization of your contact lists in both locations.

Features include:

  • Synchronizes all contact names and groups.
  • Monitors updates, additions and deletions of contacts.
  • Maintains categorization of contacts.
  • Checks and updates the integrity of contact data where required.
  • Handles duplicate names.
  • Enables you to re-synchronize all data in the event of a new address book and/or mailfile.
  • Supports synchronization of multiple address books and/or multiple mailfiles.
  • Lotus Notes client release 5.x/6.x.
  • Lotus Domino server release 5.x/6.x.
  • Design of Lotus Notes client personal address book must be based on the R5.x or R6.x Personal Address Book template.
  • Design of Lotus Notes mailfile must be based on the R5.x or R6.x iNotes Web Access template.

This is much better then the synchronization agent that is available in the standard Notes mailfile template.

You can download the free code here:


Lotus Notes 6.5 has that capability built into it. When in your mail file, if you go to the Notes toolbar and select Actions-Synchronize Address Book, that will synchronize the address book the client uses and the address book built into the mail file for Web access. I found that tip useless being that it doesn't do anything different than the client already does.

—Thomas H.


Ditto what Thomas H. said -- that is a feature of Domino Web Access / iNotes mail template. Maybe it wasn't a part of early releases, so it once had value. But that was long ago and far away.

—David H.

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