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Testing Authentication/Authorization in a Web App Locally WIthout Running a Domino Server

Ever want to test roles, groups and authentication for a Web app locally but don't want to go through the trouble of setting up or running a R5 server? After a little thought and some testing, I have found a way to do this.

Just create any groups in your local address book and add your name to the proper groups, roles etc. Then go to your Domains public address book (Domino Directory), copy your person doc and paste it in your local NAB. That's it.

(Note: you will need to rebuild all view indexes in your NAB to test immediately). As long as the person doc from the Public NAB is a registered Notes user with a Fullname, Shortname, HTTPpassword, a public key, etc., you will be able to authenticate in your web apps when using "Preview in Browser" by appending the ?open&login arg to the URL that is being previewed. I still don't think that Notes will let you "Preview in Browser" if there is not an anonymous ACL entry with author access...

Even though your personal NAB's "Person Doc Form" doesn't have these necessary fields, the person doc created in the public NAB will already have these values set and will remain on the note when copied to your personal NAB. I see no reason why this should not also work in R4.6, but I have not tested it...

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