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The Ispy Domino Server Task

The Ispy Domino Server Task

From "How You Can Use New Capabilities of Domino R5 and the Administrator Client to Meet Administrative Service Level Agreements," by Dwight Morse, the Lotus product manager for Domino administration and management, which originally appeared in the March/April 2000 edition of The View

In addition to Server probes, you can configure probes that monitor Mail and Internet services in your network. The new Domino R5 server task, Ispy, must be running in order for your Mail and Internet probes to work (the Ispy task is not required for Server probes).

To enable the Ispy server task, add ISPY to the


Configuring Mail Delivery Probes
You can set up a probe that monitors Mail delivery time in the same general area of the Administration Client as you configure a Server probe, and in much the same way. Mail probes are configured on the Configuration tab, under Statistics & Events (alternatively, you can configure them right in the Statistics & Events database). In the Administrator Client, click "Mail," then "New Mail Probe."

A mail probe measures the message delivery time from a specified server to a particular user. This measurement allows you to keep tabs on how long it takes new mail to get from point A to point B in your network, or to monitor the delivery times of messages sent to important executives.

When configuring a Mail probe, it's a good idea to set up an event notification if the response time goes beyond a desired threshold. You do this the same way you did for the server response time. Notice that you can set the probe interval for a Mail probe in the "Send interval" field. How long you set this interval depends on how important it is to you and your organization to get response time data. Keep in mind that Mail probes initiate network traffic between servers. If bandwidth is a concern when considering Mail response times, adding many probes will add to the problem.

The statistics associated with Mail probes all start with the letters QOS, which stand for "Quality Of Service." QOS is the first string in a group of service level type statistics, including the Internet services statistics that are created when you configure TCP Server probes.

. line in the server's NOTES.INI file. The ServerTasks parameter is not dynamic, so just adding a task will not cause that task to start. To get Ispy to launch immediately, start the task from the Administrator Client in the Server Status tab, or type "Load ISPY" at the server console (or remote server console). You'll still want to add Ispy to the NOTES.INI to ensure that it launches every time the server does.

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