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The joys of Daylight Savings Time

The only way I could figure out correctly if we were in DST was with the NotesDateTime class property .IsDST

During this past weekend, we all enjoyed putting our clocks an hour forward (for Daylight Savings Time) to enjoy a little bit more sunshine when we crawl out of our cubicles ...

You've all probably noticed that Notes has lots of nice @Functions and Classes to play with Date/Times ... but how well do they adjust to Daylight Savings Time ?

I stumbled upon this because we developed a portal (a Welcome Page) where I work. This portal has a series of clocks at the bottom of the screen to display the times in various offices around the globe (we have offices in many countries). Anyway, I don't need to post the code to calculate the time in a different time-zone but I do want to warn people that the following don't work:

- @Zone is supposed to return "5.1" for the Eastern Standard Time time zone if we are in Daylight Savings time. Well, just forget that one ... it does not return the .1

- NotesInternational.IsDST seems to return True regardless if it's DST or not (I saw this behavior on a computer in Melbourne, Australia [they are not in DST anymore]).

The only way I could figure out correctly if we were in DST was with the NotesDateTime class property .IsDST

I just pasted the example taken from the Designer Help file.

Anyway, perhaps others have seen this or maybe I am wrong but I posted this to help out others who might have the same problem today :)

Take care!

Dim dateTime As New NotesDateTime( "" )
Call dateTime.SetNow
If dateTime.IsDST Then
  Messagebox( "Enjoy the long days." )
  Messagebox( "Endure the darkness." )
End If

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