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Things to keep in mind regarding Embedded views

The following are some key points regarding Embedded views and their behavior.

The following are some key points regarding Embedded views and their behavior.

1.) Field values are lost whenever the form is refreshed (clicking the Expand/collapse twisties) unless the fields are pulling values like, using @DbLookup, @DBColumn, @GetProfileField etc and not like @Right(Query_String) etc.

2.) When 'Refresh Fields on Keyword change' property is enabled (ex, for a dialog list field), the URL is appended with a '#_RefreshKW_<fieldname>'. At this point, the Query_String or HTTP_Referer, or javascript document.referrer does not fetches any query string appended after the "#".(For ex, if the URL is http://server/db.nsf/Rep?OpenForm&Seq=1#_RefreshKW_Link&testing, then the query_String, HTTP_Referer, document.referrer returns only 'OpenForm&Seq=1'.

3.) When 'Refresh Fields on Keyword change' property is enabled(ex, for a dialog list field),when the URL is modified by appending a query string along with the '#_RefreshKW_<fieldname>', then the refresh would not be proper.

4.) Embedded views, Embedded selection formula cannot have field name as its value. The formula should be like (where viewname is a field with the view name to be displayed),


5.) When the form with the embedded view is opened with the ?OpenForm parameter, then view properties like Start/Count etc does not works.(It has to be opened with ?OpenView parameter to use these properties.)

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