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Track and record Lotus Notes user logins to Domino Server

Discover notes.ini settings you can implement that will track and record the Lotus Notes users and IP addresses that log onto your Domino server.

The following notes.ini parameters will allow you to see the IP addresses of Lotus Notes users that are logged onto your Domino server:

  • Debug_Outfile = [path to a text/log file] DEBUG_TCP_ALL = 1: You'll have to restart your Lotus Domino server for this to take effect, because the information doesn't show up in the normal Lotus Notes log. That's why you have to send the Lotus Domino Server console output to the Debug_Outfile.
  • Log_Sessions=1: This logs to the server console whenever a Lotus Notes client establishes a session with the Domino server. This notes.ini setting tells you who the Lotus Notes user is. If you're using Lotus Notes Domino R5, it also tells you what version of Lotus Notes the user is running.

Here are some other useful logging settings and commands:

  • Show Users Debug: This is a Domino Server console command that displays a little more information about the Lotus Notes users who are currently logged on.
  • Tell HTTP Show Users: This is another Lotus Domino Server console command. If session-based tracking is enabled on an R5 server, this command shows the Web users who are currently logged on.

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