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Trim returns and linefeeds functions

This is a non-looping script that cleans up carriage returns/line feeds from text in a field.

I had to export a large amount of data and needed a better and quicker way to remove carriage returns from fields. This is a non-looping script that cleans up carriage returns/line feeds from text in a field. It uses the @ReplaceSubString Formula language function in LotusScript with the Evaluate function. This example uses a field and button on a form. Place the code in a button and change the "myField" reference to a field on your form.

Dim workspace As New NotesUIWorkspace
Dim uidoc As NotesUIDocument 
Dim strTextToChange As String    
  'field text that will be changed
Dim varModifiedText As Variant   
  'variant container for Evaluate return value
Dim strFormula As String         
  'string to hold formula to pass to Evaluate
Dim strReplacementText As String  
 'the new, modified text

Set uidoc = 

'get field text
strTextToChange = 
uidoc.FieldGetText ("myField")

'get text to replace carriage returns with. 
 I use two spaces here, but can be 
strReplacementText = "  "

'create formula string to use in 
Evaluate function by concatenating 'the 
@ReplaceSubString formula 
text with our variables we created above.
'the pipe is used instead of 
quotes for string literals because quotes are 
part of the string literals.
strFormula = |@ReplaceSubString
("| + strTextToChange + |";@Newline;"| + 
strReplacementText + |")|

'evaluate the formula and store result 
in a variant 
varModifiedText = Evaluate(strFormula)

Msgbox strTextToChange, 0+64,  
"Your text to change: "
'note that variant "varModifiedText"
 is an array Msgbox varModifiedText(0), 
0+64, "Your new modified text: "

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