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True Domino Blooper #18: Guess who sent the virus around...

It's harder than average to spread a virus on Notes, but this bug got a helping hand from a ham-fisted network security "expert."

It's harder than average to spread a virus on Notes, but this bug got a helping hand from a ham-fisted network security "expert." The Lotus administrator knew that a virus alert shouldn't spread the virus itself. Unfortunately this wasn't as obvious to the network security "expert" who forwarded the mail bomb to everyone in the company.

This just came in from the network security manager at the company where I am a Notes administrator staffing consultant, so it is not literally a Notes admin blooper.

After consulting with the senior Notes admin about whether the sender's address could be blocked, and learning that with our current infrastructure this would not prevent additional spammers from forwarding this link, the security expert unilaterally and without announcement decided to forward the mail bomb to everyone in the company!

My favorite phrase is "please use common sense." Does this apply to forwarding links to viruses?

I'm waiting for the help desk calls from users who are unable to resist the temptation to click the links. Especially those who retrieve their mail on laptops and home workstations without the benefit of the enterprise firewall and virus protection.

The names have been changed to protect the innocent [sic].

From: Nat C. Keuriddy
Subject: ** Virus Warning - Please READ ***
Hello everyone. If you receive an email similiar to the one documented below please delete it. Under any conditions do NOT OPEN up any link with

This is a well popular and known virus so just delete the email. If you receive email from unknown sources please use common sense and delete it.

If you have any questions call me. Thank You.

Nat C. Keuriddy
Network Security Administrator

 > Forwarded by Nat C. Keuriddy/BigCorp on 12/02/2002 > >"Joe Friend"
   > > Subject: Nat you just received an e-card created > by Joe Friend. > 
    > > Nat, > > Joe Friend has just created you an ecard greeting. > > Pick up your e-card by clicking this URL. > > http://www.FriendGreeting.xyxyxyxyx > > > > Message- > Nat, > Read the greeting recently e-mailed. > > Joe Friend



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