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True Domino Blooper #22: Tell it like it is

This Domino project leader got himself in a pickle when his mail storage monitoring project told users in no uncertain terms what to do with their overstuffed inboxes.

This Domino project leader got him self in a pickle when the mail storage monitoring project that his team was working on told users in no uncertain terms what to do with their overstuffed inboxes. As it turns out, not everyone likes barking dialog boxes, and some were howling for our hero's head.

Several years ago, I was the team lead on a project to monitor mail files. We were implementing a specialized program that monitors mail file sizes and sends out reminders to users when their mail files get too big. During testing of the monitor program, which works its way through all the entries in the public name and address book, we kept the simple message that the developers had written: "Your mail file is TOO DAMN BIG. Do something about it."

Unfortunately, one of the testers decided to do a trial run on the real address book. Several thousand users got that notice -- including many executives. It was interesting to note that the higher-level executives took it in stride and even joked about the memo. But a number of mid-level managers were highly incensed and demanded my head. Thankfully, my bosses didn't agree.

However, I should mention that the average mail file size decreased by 12% in the next month, and by the end of the year, we were 30% below other sites.


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