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True Domino Blooper #24: Agent faux pas

This Lotus CLI had his class up in arms when was explaining scheduling details for agents. It turns out that some in the class thought that they were the agents in question.

This Lotus CLI had his class up in arms when he was explaining scheduling details for agents. Call the union? It turns out that some students in the class thought that they were the agents in question.

I'm a CLI, and I work in the Notes field in Montreal, Quebec. This is a funny story that happened once in one of my classes.

I was once teaching a Notes application in an organization that had a very strong union. We had developed an application to speed up the response time for inquiries coming from the investment account holders requesting information about their accounts.

With the old manual process, the employee would respond to almost any request in approximately 24 hours. The new application would give the clients an immediate response in almost 90% of the cases. Despite this, there was a bit of resistance from the employees to use the new application.

The application had some built-in agents that were programmed to run at 1 a.m. to update some fields in the investment forms. In one of my sessions, the class was discovering the new tool.

The session was conducted in French. I must tell you that the word "agent" also means "clerk" in French. So somewhere during the session, I explained that an agent will run at 1 a.m. to update some fields in the forms. One of the attendees, who didn't seem very excited to be in the class, turned to his colleague and said, "I hope I won't be the one who's gonna be chosen to do this!"


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This was last published in July 2003

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