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True Domino Blooper #3: Return to sender

This Lotus developer tried to forward incoming e-mails to recipients' text-enabled mobile phones, but he ended up setting off a mail bomb on himself and his ASP.

This Lotus developer was trying to come up with a clever solution to forward incoming e-mails to recipients' text-enabled mobile phones. Instead he ended up setting off a mail bomb on himself and his ASP. The following story is a good example of how a clever idea can blow up in your face, or your inbox.

I was doing some development work to create an agent that would run when a new mail arrives and send a summary to the mobile phone text service (SMS). I had set the agent to run on new mail received but for each mail received it sent summaries of all e-mails in my DB!

Anyway the poor ASP that was forwarding my SMSs had a limit of 100 per day so any subsequent SMS was rejected with an e-mail, which in turn triggered another flood of e-mails, which in turn resulted in a stream of rejections, which in turn... well you get the picture.

I left this running overnight!

The result: Some 40,000 e-mails outbound with a similar number inbound and a very cranky ASP. I was very red-faced the next morning to return to the office with a lot of phone messages from ASP. It was an easy fix, but now I have lifetime ban from the ASP. I have fixed the agent (below), which looks in the calendar profile for details of SMS e-mail addresses. The agent is set to run "AfterNew mail Has Arrived" on newly received mail documents.

George Savory

Option Public
Option Declare

Sub Initialize
     Dim session As New NotesSession
     Dim dbCurrent As NotesDatabase
     Dim collUnprocessed As NotesDocumentCollection
     Dim docCurrent As NotesDocument
     Dim itemBody As NotesItem
     Dim strPriority As String, strImportance As String
     Dim varBody As Variant
     Dim strSendTo As String
     Dim m_calprofile As notesdocument
     Dim sendsms As String

     Set dbCurrent = session.CurrentDatabase
     Set m_calprofile = dbCurrent.GetProfileDocument("CalendarProfile")
     strSendTo = M_calprofile.SMSAddress(0)       'Celluar pager address
     sendsms = M_calprofile.SMSOwner(0)

     If sendsms = "Yes" Then 'I want to be notified
          If (dbCurrent Is Nothing) Then
               'Nothing to Process
               Set collUnprocessed = dbCurrent.UnprocessedDocuments
               If collUnprocessed.Count < 1 Then
                    Set docCurrent = collUnprocessed.GetFirstDocument
                    If (docCurrent Is Nothing) Then
                         'No handle for Current Doc
                              strPriority = docCurrent.DeliveryPriority(0)
                              strImportance = docCurrent.Importance(0)
                              If ((docCurrent.Form(0) = "Memo") And
(strPriority = "H" Or strImportance = "1")) Then
                             'Need to create new memo & send to pager.
                                   Dim docPagerMemo As New
                                   Dim varFrom As Variant, strSubject As
String, strBodyText As String
                                   docPagerMemo.SendTo = strSendTo
                                   varFrom = Evaluate({@Name([CN]; From)},
                                   strSubject = docCurrent.Subject(0)
                                   Set itemBody = docCurrent.GetFirstItem
                                   If (itemBody Is Nothing) Then
                                   'Body can not be read
                                         docPagerMemo.Body = "Text can not
be read. Check your email. | From: " & varFrom
                                   'If Body can be read, return only 200
                                         strBodyText = "Fr: " & varFrom(0)
& " : "  & Left(itemBody.Abstract(1000,1,0), 200)
                                         docPagerMemo.Subject = strSubject
                                         docPagerMemo.Body = strBodyText
= "b2b<b@2.b>"
                                   End If
                                   Call docPagerMemo.Send(False)
                              End If
                              Set docCurrent =
                         Loop Until (docCurrent Is Nothing)
                    End If
               End If
          End If
          'No I dont want to be notified
          Exit Sub
     End If
End Sub
'End of Agent

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