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True Domino Blooper #8: With vacations like this, who needs work?

Instead of a relaxing holiday away from the workday toil, this wannabe vacationer ended up trying to mop up a messy e-mail bomb.

This Lotus professional's attempt to keep connected on vacation kept him chained to his cell phone. Instead of a relaxing holiday away from the workday toil, the wannabe vacationer ended up trying to mop up a messy e-mail bomb.

I believe that my colleague was preparing for his holidays and figured that he would like to know what e-mail he was receiving when he was away. Who sent the e-mail and what was in the subject line would let him decide if he should call in before his holidays were over.

So he created an "If documents have been created or modified" agent that would forward the information to his mobile phone using SMS.

Now, what happens the first time that you save an agent that is triggered by the created or modified event? Right. The agent sees ALL documents in the database as newly created. My mail database currently contains 7,000 e-mails. Yes, I'm sorry to say it, but there you are. And I think that a lot of us do have lots and lots of e-mails in our mailboxes.

My colleague received an SMS message for every single e-mail he had in his mail database, and that's both the inbound and the outbound ones.

He called his phone operator to ask them to delete all the SMS messages that he had waiting at the moment, but they refused. They offered to block SMS for his phone, but that just was not an option to him.

He ended up being really, really good at deleting SMS messages.

-- Jens Bruntt


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