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Two Undocumented Os/2 2.X, Warp Commands: Bldlvl And Rmview

The two following commands are not documented in the OS/2 WARP Command


What are they used for?



Use the BLDLEVEL command to search for a build signature in an exe or dll.
This command is available in OS/2 2.x and WARP.

SYNTAX: bldlevel [drive:][path]filename
or bldlevel filename
or bldlevel /?
or bldlevel

drive --> Specifies a drive letter for the path or filename, for example: C:
path --> Specifies a path, for example: \os2\dll\
filename --> Specifies the filename for the exe or dll file.

/? Displays Help

no parameter Displays Help.

Example: the command BLDLEVEL OS2KRNL will return:

Signature: @#IBM:8.200#@ IBM OS/2 Kernel
Vendor: IBM
Revision: 8.200
Description: IBM OS/2 Kernel


Use the RMVIEW command to search for information on the adapters installed on
the computer. It returns a physical view of the adapters, including: adapter
identification, device type, bus/width, I/O addresses, IRQ level, DMA channel.
This command is only available in WARP.

Syntax: RMVIEW [switch]

/P Display Physical view (default)
/P1 Physical view with planar chipset
/D Display Driver view
/D1 Driver view with planar chipset
/L Display Logical view
/R Display raw data. Use with P L D switch
/IRQ Display claimed Interrupt levels (IRQ)
/IO Display claimed IO ports above 100 Hex
/IOA Display all claimed IO ports
/DMA Display claimed DMA channels
/MEM Display claimed Memory regions
/SO Sort IO, IOA, IRQ, DMA, MEM by owner
/HW Display Hardware Tree
/? Help

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