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Update workspace icon when moving a database

A button that removes anold database, opens the new one and consequently adds a "corrected" icon to the workspace.

Ever need to move a database to another server or another directory only to find that once you've moved the database, you have users calling you constantly. They are calling because they're getting an error that the database can't be found when they click on the icon on their workspace? I have discovered that there is an easy fix.

What I do is copy the database to the new location (rather than move it and you'll see why in just a second). Once the database has been moved, remove everyone's access (except yours of course) to the old copy of the database. However, allow default (and anonymous if necessary) access with the ability to read public documents. Update the "Help Using" database with text that explains this database has been moved. Ask them to click on the document button to open the database in its new location. The button is created via the code below. What it does is select the Icon on the workspace that points to the old database. Then it removes it, Opens the new copy of the database (in its new location) and consequently adds a "corrected" icon to the workspace.

Give it a try, I think it will help make the next database move a little better, unless you like getting all those telephone calls.

@prompt([OK];"Information";"This application will now remove the obsolete database icon from your workspace and replace it with the new Icon.  Please press YES when asked to remove selected icon.");

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