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Update your antivirus using Notes

When pressed, the button will launch the update patch that will update his antivirus.

This script should be written in the click event of a button labeled: "Update your antivirus." You should copy this button to the body of a message and send it to all the users who should update their antivirus. Once the user receives the message, he opens it and presses the button. When pressed, the button will launch the update patch that will update his antivirus and will create a document for this user indicating if the update was successful or failed. I also organize a contest where the first user who is able to update his antivirus receives a modest prize. This solution works perfectly because all the users are motivated to update their antivirus. And, we have escaped the attack of the Sircam antivirus because of this solution so I advise you to try it.
Sub Click(Source As Button)
Const PatchFile$="0725i32.exe" 'The file Name of the update patch
Const PatchName$="0725i32"
Const PatchPath$="\ServerNortonUpdate" 'the network path of the update patch	
Dim taskId As Integer
	Dim session As New NotesSession
	Dim db As notesdatabase
	Dim person As notesdocument
'the scripts open the nav.nsf database where it creates a document for each
'person who has updated his antivirus
	Set db=session.GetDatabase( "Nathan/QuanTech", "NAV.nsf" )
	Set person=db.CreateDocument
'the script is launching the patch that will update the Antivirus	
'The script is filling the information about the user who is updating the antivirus	
	taskId% = Shell(PatchPath$+PAtchFile$, 1)	
'it the sell function returns 33 it means the shell has successfully started otherwise the shell has failed	
	If (taskId%=33) Then
		person.Status="not updated"
	End If
'Finally the script saves the person document in the nav.nsf database	 whether the update fails or works
	Call person.Save( True, True )
End Sub

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