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Urldecoding Strings From The Web

Playing in Script can be a lot of fun over the web, and integrating flat HTML
with the domino system can have it's advantages.
I've noticed that some browser's when they post a form to an agent then encode
the content string, so I have a routine for decoding the strings.
if you were to have a form in a HTML file you can submit it to an agent.
&LTform method="POST" action="http://dominoserver/notesdb.nsf/agent?OpenAgent"
name="test" >
&LTinput type="text" name="username">
&LTinput type="password" name="password">
&LTa href="javascript:document.test.submit()">submit</a>
Sub Initialize
Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim view As NotesView
Dim doc As NotesDocument

Dim strHTTPContent As String
Dim strUsername As String
Dim strEncChar As String
Dim strSrcstr As String

Dim lngHTTPLength As Long
Dim lngHTTPPos As Long

Dim intPerChar As Integer

Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
Set doc = Session.DocumentContext ' Get the submitted web doc... this is
stored in RAM on domino

strHTTPContent = Cstr(doc.Request_Content(0)) ' Grab the form contents.

'UNEncode call to the function.
strHTTPContent = HTTPDecode(strHTTPContent)

lngHTTPLength = Len(strHTTPContent)
lngHTTPPos = Instr(strHTTPContent, "username=")
If (lngHTTPPos) Then
strUsername = Right(strHTTPContent, lngHTTPLength - lngHTTPPos - 8)
lngHTTPPos = Instr(strUsername, "&")
If (lngHTTPPos) Then strUsername = Left(strUsername, lngHTTPPos - 1)
End If
' strUsername will contain the contents of the username field on the HTML page.
' you can apply the same to getting the value from the password field .
' from here on it's up to you how you apply it to your own application.

Print strUsername
End Sub

' Paste the function in the declarations

Function HTTPDecode(strHTTP As String) As String
Dim strOut As String
Dim intPos As Integer

strOut = strHTTP
intPos = Instr(strOut, "%")
While (intPos)
strOut = Left(strOut, intPos - 1) + Chr(Val("&H" + Mid(strOut, intPos + 1,
2))) + Right(strOut, Len(strOut) - (intPos + 2))
intPos = Instr(strOut, "%")

HTTPDecode = strOut
End Function

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