Use ActiveX control to simulate a Notes Hotspot popup on the Web

Use active x controls to display a small beautiful tool tip.

We all know, that by creating a hotspot popup in notes, and clicking on it will display a small popup. The same can be simulated on the Web. Normal idea is to open a new window and display the text. Rather than doing that, we can use active x controls to display a small beautiful tool tip. It works only on windows machines. Here is the way to do so.

Step 1:
Create an object tag in your html or notes form like:

<OBJECT   id=popup   type="application/x-oleobject"  

The classid should be exactly the same as above.

Note: To create the object tag, you can directly create them on your form as pass through html, or created a computed for display/computed field and put the object tag as its formula.

Step 2:

Create an ordinary <a href> link
<A HREF=Javascript:ShowPopup()>Tool Tip Text</a>

Step 3:
Inside your script tag in the html head, put the following:

title="Simulating notes Hotspot popup"

Note: You can put these lines of code in the JSHeader of your form, or create a $$HTMLHead field with this code.

Step 4:
Write the ShowPopup function:

function ShowPopup()

Note: You can also put the function in the JSHeader of the form.

Now open your form/html in the browser and click on the link, a small beautiful tool tip help window will appear.

Thanks and Regards

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