Use Of Evaluate And @Explode To Send A Lot Of Parameters.

The following function behaves like the java script split function using the
Notes Formula @Explode function. It takes a delimited string and returns an
array of all the elements found in the imploded string.
It is usful especially In case a developper needs to send a lot of string
parameters to a sub or a function, this occur frquently when you need to send
some field names as paramaters for processing.
It facilitates sending and recieving the parameters as one string delimited by
any dilimiter you choose, but you have to use the same delimiter string when
imploding your parameters as well as when exploding them.
Function SplittedStr ( ImplodedStr$, StrDelimiter$) as variant

SplittedStr = Evaluate(|@Explode("| & ImplodedStr & |";"| & StrDelimiter & |")|)

End function

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