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Use Show Single Category To Reduce Number Fo Views

We have 9 seperate views, identical except for their selection formula. One
shows all documents that have a certain value in a multi value field, another
one shows all documents with a certain other value in that multi value field,
and so on. Whenever we make a change to a column in one of the views, we have
to copy it to all the others. When we found out about ShowSingleCategory, we
thought it would be a great way to combine all these views into one - saving
space and maintenance. It wasn't as easy as we thought though.

We wanted to have the view look like a normal view, full screen, except with a
field at the top where you could select the category.

There are only 2 options for the height of an embedded view: in inches (does
anyone still use Imperial Measurements? ;) or full window size. So a full
window sized embedded view plus a line for the category selection field equals
a form that scrolls, with the form scroll bars right next to the embedded view
scrollbars, with the embedded view horizontal scroll bar off the page whenever
you want to see the category selection field at the top.

So: hide the category selection field. How do you control it? Use action
buttons. We have one action button for each category, that sets the Category
field and calls ViewRefreshFields.

The embedded view's Show Single Category is set to the Category field.

Just to be sure, we wrapped the whole thing in a one frame frameset and turned
off scrolling. Then all that's left are the embedded view scrollbars.

What you end up with is what looks just like a normal view. Selecting a
different category makes it look like you are jusmping to a different view. But
in reality it's all one view. Hopefully this can help some of you!

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