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Use transparent pixels in pictures

Use transparent pixels in pictures

Have you ever wanted to use Images with transparent Pixels in Notes and worked around it by setting the Background color of the Picture to the same color of you Form Background? Then this Tip is for you!

All you need is a program you can define a transparent color for you images. I use always MS PowerPoint for this and have not tried other programs but that does not mean that other tools can't do the trick as well. Just - I have yet to find another tool that handles ransparencies :-)

Here is what you do:
a) copy the image you want to have transparency into PowerPoint
b) open the picture toolbar and choose the transparency color picker
c) click the color that you want to make transparent
d) copy the image again

When you now paste it into Lotus Notes, e.g. into a Layout Region, it has maintained the transparency information! Voila!

Even better, if the image you want to copy is a metafile (e.g. *.wmf) and already has some transparency in it, you can exclude steps b) and c).

You can even draw in PowerPoint, group everything together you want to use and copy and paste it into Lotus Notes!

Note: Make sure that the color used for the Transparency (the one that covers the area that is supposed to be transparent) is used ONLY in that specific area, otherwise it might lead to unexpected results with areas partly transparent that are not supposed to, just because they have the same color - e.g. white or black. To avoid this, fill the area with an odd color that you will not have used in your picture (e.g. cyan) before pasting it into PowerPoint. This works exceptional well with black or white borders.

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