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Using Crystal Report With Lotus Notes

Did you have to do professional report from Lotus Notes?
You can use Crystal Report Custom Control (crystl32.ocx).
Enjoy Yourself!

Fabio Maggio
Wintech S.r.L.
'In a Lotus Notes form click -Create- and then
'-Object- and then -Create a New Control-.
'Choose Crystal Report Control and click OK.
'Right click on control; in the -General- tab
'select report 'ReportName.rpt' (any report that
'connects on a database) and select -To Windows-
'as the destination.
'Create a new button, enter 'preview' as the
'button label and copy the following code on the
'Button Click event:

Dim workspace as new NotesUIWorkspace
Dim UIDoc as NotesUIDocument
Set UIDoc = workspace.CurrentDocument
Dim myreport as variant
set myreport = UIDoc.GetObject("Crystal Report Control")
report.action = 1

'Now create a new document based on this form
'and press the button!

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