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Using Formula language code to sort Lotus Notes messages by subject

Lotus Notes will sort messages by Date, Sender and Subject with prefixes such as Re: and Fwd:. This Formula language code will customize your All documents view by stripping out prefixes to easily sort Lotus Notes messages by subject alone.

I've created a customized All documents view

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using Formula language code to strip the "subject prefix," such as "Re:," "Fwd:," etc., from a Lotus Notes document. Removing this allows you to sort Lotus Notes messages by their subject, or "Topic."

The "subject prefix" is displayed in a separate column to the left of the "Topic." Following is the Formula language code for two view columns.

Formula language shows sortable view
(Click on image for enlarged view.)

Note:The code also searches for business-specific "prefixes."

Formula language for sortable view
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