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Vacation Notification For Mail

Here is a small macro that can be added to your mail file to notify people when
you are on vacation.

When you leave to go on vacation, edit this macro to ensure the DateonVacation
is correct and the message being sent out says the information you want it to

To activate the macro, change the frequency to daily, or hourly depending on
how soon after you receive the memo you want to notify the sendee that your out
of the office.

When you return from vacation, edit the macro and change the Frequecy back to
This macro should be set to:
Run periodically in the background.
Updated existing documents when done.
Run on documents not yet processed by macro.
Set Frequency to "NEVER"
REM "Enter you Notes Name"
Name := "Your Name Here";
REM "Enter the day you are going on vacation";
REM "Here I am out of the office after 3pm on the 14th of December";
DateonVacation := [12/14/93 03:00:00 PM];
REM "The following determines mail getting to your database";
REM "If you receive it after your vacation date, it immediately sends a
REM "to the person contacted you."
@If(DeliveredDate = "" | From = Name; @Return("");
DeliveredDate > DateonVacation;
@MailSend(From; ""; "Your Name Here"; ""; "re: Memo sent to " + Name + " " +
Subject; "Thank you for your correspondence. I am out of the office and will
not be able to respond until 12/19/94. I appologize in advance for any
inconvience." + @NewLine + "Thanks," + @NewLine + Name);

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