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Validating SendTo field for programmatically generated e-mails

This code will validate a person's name across all Domino servers within a domain, ensuring that mail is not sent to persons who don't exist.

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Most of the time our SendMail function sends e-mails to those individuals on the server who do not exist. So here I present a LotusScript function to validate e-mail recipients.

Public Function ValidateNames(varNames As Variant) As Variant
 On Error Goto errorHandler
 ValidateNames = ""
 Dim varTemp As Variant
 Dim varCommonNames As Variant
 Dim i As Integer
 Dim strAllNames As String
 If Isarray(varNames) Then
  varNames = Fulltrim(varNames)  
  If Ubound(varNames) >= 0 Then
   For i = Lbound(varNames) To Ubound(varNames)
    strAllNames = strAllNames & Cstr(varNames(i)) & ","
   varTemp = Evaluate(|@Unique(@Transform(
            @Explode("| & strAllNames & |";",");
   ValidateNames = Fulltrim(varTemp)   
  End If
  varTemp = Evaluate(|@Trim(@NameLookup([EXHAUSTIVE];"| & Cstr(varNames) &|";"FullName"))|)
  varCommonNames = Evaluate(|@Name([ABBREVIATE];"| & Cstr(varTemp(0)) & |")|)
  If Isarray(varCommonNames) Then
   If varCommonNames(0) <> "" Then
    ValidateNames = varCommonNames(0)
   End If
  End If
 End If
 Exit Function
 Msgbox "Error# " & Err & " - " & Error & " at line# "  & Erl
 ValidateNames = ""
End Function

What you need to do it call the function as follows:

mailDoc.sendTo = validateNams(mailDoc.sendTo)


mailDoc.sendTo = validateNams(arrMailRecipients)

where arrMailRecipients (could be an array, avariant or a string) represents the individuals who should receive the e-mail.

And finally,

If mailDoc.sendTo(0) <> "" then
    Call mailDoc.send(false)
End If


What happen with Internet addresses? This is OK for Lotus users but not for this e-mail address type. I would change the function and the "wrong adresses" that they contains something like "@doman.something". I would also mark like "OK" not wrong.

But I think the best form to work would be:

On error Goto ErrorMail 
Call doc.send(.....) 

exit sub 

print error 
resume next 

If you send a recipients' list it works for everyone except the wrong ones. The new R5 and R6 releases work fine with this at least.

—Pedro F.

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