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Which Groups Am I In?

Sometimes it is useful to know which groups you -- or another user -- are in.
The CoolTip presented May 5th shows you how to construct such a view -- but
believe it or not, it is already provided for you by Lotus, out of the box, no
programming required!

There is a hidden view in the Directory/Address Book, called ($ServerAccess).
It shows the names of any people (or other group members, such as servers).
Select a person, expand the entry, and see all thr groups. Note that since a
group can include other groups, you may have to refine your search further.
For example, if I am in:

Dovid Gross
BotB (Best of the Best - Don't be shy)
Notes Technologists

... then I should really check to see if BotB and Developers belongto any other

Search on BotB -- results in not found, don't look further.

Search on Notes Technolgists results in:
Notes Technologists
All Corporate Technologists

Now I know I'm in at least a three groups -- BotB, Notes Technologists, and All
Corporate Technologists. I should check the All Corporate Technologists group
to further drill down.

If you lick on the "access key" button in the status bar of Notes, then Notes
will esentially do this check for you. In addition to displaying your access
level for the current database, it displays all groups you are in, whether
directly or indirectly. the ones that are applicable to the current database
have checks next to them. In addition to groups, the list displays, at the
bottom, any roles associated with the current database's ACL.

By the way, if you want to do this the hard way, access ($ServerAccess)
directly. Since it is hidden, this is how to do that:

open the directory/address book,
hold down shift-control,
choose VIEW->GO TO.

The hidden views show up, including ($ServerAccess). The view sorts on the
hierarchical names of the group members, so John Doe/ACME will appear under
cn=john doe/o=acme.
I have some code that can be used for progams that need to heck group
membership this way, but it is not free.

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