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Word Extract via LotusScript Code

This LotusScript function will extract a word from a text string much the same way the @WORD formula does. The function has these 3 parameters: the text string to be searched, the character to be used as a delimeter, the occurance of that delimeter.
Function Field(InputStr As String, DelimChr As String, PosNo As Integer)
	'The DelimChr must be a single character or else function will return an error
	MaxLen = Len(InputStr)
	ErrMsg = ""
	If PosNo < 1 Then
		ErrMsg = "Starting position < 1"
	Elseif DelimChr = "" Then
		ErrMsg = "Delimeter is null"
	Elseif Len(DelimChr) > 1  Then
		ErrMsg = "Delimeter is > 1 character"
	Elseif MaxLen < 1 Then
		Field = ""
		Exit Function	'No input string passed to function - just return an empty string - not considered an error
	End If
	If ErrMsg <> "" Then
		Msgbox "Error: Invalid parameter!" + Chr(13) + Chr(13) + ErrMsg,16,"Field Function"
		Field = ""
		Exit Function
	End If
	DelimCnt = 0	'Keeps track of how many delimiters were found
	StartSrchPos = 1	'Initialize where to start looking in the string
	StartDelimPos = 0	'Will hold the physical postion where the desired delimiter was found
	EndDelimPos = 0	'Will hold the physical position where the next delimiter was found
	For J = 1 To PosNo
		DelimPos = Instr(StartSrchPos,InputStr,DelimChr)
		If DelimPos > 0 Then			'Delimiter found in the sub-string
			DelimCnt = DelimCnt + 1	'Keep track of what number of delimiter this is
			If DelimCnt = PosNo - 1 Then
				StartDelimPos = DelimPos	'Keep going - not the right delimiter position
			Elseif DelimCnt = PosNo Then
				EndDelimPos = DelimPos
				Exit For              'Exit loop - the right delimiter position has been found
			End If
			StartSrchPos = DelimPos + 1	'The next search will begin just after the last delimiter was found
			Exit For               'Exit loop - no more delimiters found
		End If
	Next J
	If StartDelimPos > 0 And EndDelimPos > 0 Then
		If StartDelimPos+1 = EndDelimPos Then 
			Field = ""
			Exit Function	'There is no gap between the two delimiter positions - return nothing
		End If
	End If
	If StartDelimPos > 0 Or EndDelimPos > 0 Then
		If EndDelimPos > 0 Then
			Field = Mid$(InputStr,StartDelimPos+1,EndDelimPos-(StartDelimPos+1))	'Return those bytes between the 2 delimiter positions
			Field = Mid$(InputStr,StartDelimPos+1,MaxLen)		'No subsequent delimiter was found - return the remainder of the string
		End If
		'If the input string doesn't contain a delimiter and the 1st occurrance was requested, just return the entire string else return nothing
		If PosNo = 1 And DelimCnt = 0 Then Field = InputStr Else Field = ""
	End If
End Function

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