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Workaround formats bulleted/numbered lists in Lotus Notes documents

Many Lotus Notes Domino administrators can be frustrated with some limitations when using bulleted and/or numbered lists in Lotus Notes, specifically that a list restarts when you add a blank line. This workaround lets you maintain the proper order in your formatted lists in Lotus Notes.

One frustrating attribute of Lotus Notes is that a numbered or bulleted list will restart if you insert a blank space between the bullet or number. After years of testing, one Lotus Notes Domino administrator developed a workaround to maintain the sequential order of a formatted list. This tip shares a few tricks for working with bullets in a Lotus Notes document.

If you're using a numbered/bulleted list in Lotus Notes and interrupt the list with a blank line, the next bullet starts at beginning (i.e., 1., A., etc.). In Microsoft Word documents, you can resume the number list at any point by changing the properties, but that isn't possible in Lotus Notes. A shortcut could be to indent the list and use a bullet, but this doesn't look good.

Additionally, when the first part of the text in a bulleted list is bold or a different color, the bullet mark itself takes on that property. If you don't want this, you can use a space as the leading character in the line, then select that space and either un-bold it or assign the desired color to it.

If you combine and indent (i.e., different numbering), then change the color space to white (match your background color), the bullet will no longer show. Once you want to go back to the next formatted numbered line, don't indent.

Now your numbering will be uninterrupted and there's no unwanted bulleted list. This workaround is especially helpful when used with screenshots in which you want an item to be in the center of the text, but can't insert a new line without interrupting the list count.

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