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Write HTML and JavaScript in Notes view rows and columns on the Web

By default, Lotus Notes only allows you to create links in the first column of views for users to open documents. Discover how you can write some HTML and JavaScript to embed links within Lotus Notes view columns and rows on the Web.

While developing a Web application, I needed to place Delete, Open and Edit links within each row of a document in a Lotus Notes view.

By default, Lotus Notes creates links in the first column of views that allows users to open documents. I had to create an action hotspot on the form to enable users to edit, delete or open documents.

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Placing HTML code within brackets in the Notes view column enables Domino to render this on the Web. I also used the Document Unique ID and an anchor tag to delete the document by using Domino URL commands.

In my JavaScript below, you'll see that the code written in the view column formula to can perform some handy and useful actions. In the following example, the code deletes the document from the database.

[<a href='#' onClick="
('/"[email protected]+"/Employee/"[email protected](@DocumentUniqueID)
+"?deleteDocument ','_new');

The column view formula in brackets ([]) renders HTML on the browser. As mentioned above, this code can be used to accomplish a number of useful tasks, such as editing or opening documents.

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