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Year and quarter -- the Formula language way

How to show when a doc was created in the format Year, Qx -- using formula.

This tip is useful for reporting purposes. It shows when a document has been created in the format 2003 Q1, 2003 Q2, etc. It uses the New Zealand tax year as its base calculation, which begins in April. Therefore, any document created in months 1, 2 or 3 will show as Q4 for the previous year.
Create a field computed when you compose a text field called QuarterOpened and use this code:

ytmp:=@If(mtmp < 4; 
@If(mtmp < 4; @Text(ytmp) + " 
Q4";@If(mtmp < 7; @Text(ytmp) + " 
Q1";@If(mtmp < 10; @Text(ytmp) + 
" Q2";@If(mtmp < 13; @Text(ytmp) + " 

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