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@today in view selection formulas

By now you all must know that using @Yesterday, @today ,@tommorrow in column or selection formulas impacts the efficiency of your application.

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By now you all must know that using @Yesterday,@today ,@tommorrow in column or selection formulas impacts the efficiency of your application. It also causes the view refresh indicator to display constantly because every time the view is opened it creates an index.

Here is a solution:

Select Form="frm_birthday" and dt_birth=@texttotime("Today")

This view will show all of the employee documents whose birthdays are today, because Notes internally interprets "Today" as today's date and does not create an index each time the view is opened.

Note: "Today", "Tomorrow", and "Yesterday" are the only legal strings to use to represent relative date.


I was very excited to find this tip, since I had several database views that require use of @Today and they were very slow to open. I modified the view formulae using the tip, and they opened much more quickly. However, I got a call today from a user complaining that her followup view did not appear to include all the documents that she was supposed to follow up on. It appears that the view does not get updated with Updall or with a view refresh. When I rebuilt the view index, a lot of additional documents appeared in the view. This was true for all the views whose selection formulae I had changed. Since there is not easy way of doing a Shift-F9 to rebuild a view programmatically, this approach appears to rely on the users knowing that they should rebuild the views manually. If anyone knows of a way of getting the views rebuilt automatically, it would be very helpful.

—Liz S.

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