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An introduction to IBM Lotus Quickr

Learn about Lotus Quickr and how the IBM collaboration software works from this collection of articles, best practices, demos and Web resources.

IBM Lotus Quickr is team collaboration software that helps you share content, collaborate and work more efficiently online with your coworkers. Similar to Microsoft SharePoint, Quickr allows you to store documents in shared content libraries and manage teams and projects from a central collaborative location. Learn more about Lotus Quickr and how it works from this collection of articles, best practices, demos and Web resources.


Lotus Quickr overview
Get started by taking a look at IBM's main Lotus Quickr page. Here you'll learn how using Quickr will benefit your company's Lotus Notes Domino environment through the use of content libraries, team places and connectors. You'll also find links to related resource pages and podcasts extolling the virtues of using Quickr.

Lotus Quickr best practices
Learn best practices and strategies your peers have used when it came to planning, deploying, configuring and troubleshooting Quickr.

Lotus Quickr demo
If you're more of a visual person, you'll appreciate this demo of Lotus Quickr -- and be able to see it in action. Find out how to customize your team workplace, use content libraries, team blog pages, send attachments as links and more.

Lotus Quickr connectors
Find out how Lotus Quickr connectors allows you to access content and collaborate with others without ever having to switch applications. Colorful screenshots are included to show you just how to use Lotus Quickr connectors.

Lotus Quickr template downloads
Check out the official download site for free Lotus Quickr templates created by SNAPPS, the official design partner for IBM Lotus Quickr. You'll have access to the numerous applications simply by signing up. You can also view Flash demos of each of the templates in action.

The Lotus Quickr forum
See what your peers are saying about Lotus Quickr and what problems and successes they're experiencing at the Lotus Quickr forum.

The Lotus Quickr blog
If you want to stay ahead of the Quickr curve, bookmark and regularly visit Stuart McIntyre's blog. You'll find recent announcements and helpful links for anything and everything Quickr.

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