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An introduction to Lotus Domino Designer

Familiarize yourself with Domino Designer with this collection of tutorials and expert advice, and refresh your application development abilities.

Similar to the concept of Microsoft's Visual Studio, Lotus Domino Designer is an application development software program that helps developers build and deploy Lotus Notes Domino applications more easily and quickly than would be possible through purely manual coding practices. Familiarize yourself with Lotus Domino Designer with this collection of tutorials and expert advice, and refresh your application development abilities.


Starting Lotus Domino Designer 
Here's a good jump-off point for those that are completely new to Lotus Domino Designer. Learn the three different ways -- from the Bookmark bar, the Lotus Notes Domino database, and the command line -- that you can launch Lotus Domino Designer from within a Lotus Notes client.

Exploring Lotus Domino Designer
Start delving a little deeper into Lotus Domino Designer by examining the Lotus Domino Designer work area. Additionally, you'll receive an explanation as to what icons accomplish which tasks. These are all defined in an easy-to-read table format. Properties boxes are also described and illustrated.

Lotus Domino Designer -- Extend access to applications
Lotus Domino Web applications are easily accessible to outside tools during the design process and also after application completion and deployment. Find out more about extending the different capabilities of Lotus Domino Designer, including using third-party design tools, bringing your application offline, instant messaging your colleagues and more.

Lotus Domino Designer documentation
This is IBM's catch-all site for Lotus Domino Designer users. Included are quick start guides, Help pages, programming guides, white papers, Redbooks and more, for users of Lotus Domino Designer 8.0, 7.0x, and 6.5x.

Lotus Domino Designer 7 demo
Check out IBM's two-part demo of Lotus Domino Designer 7. Learn how Domino Designer 7 provides developers with innovative usability enhancements and support for developing Web service applications. is the site also explains how to use the Lotus Domino Designer DB2 Access View feature to enable access to Domino data from a DB2 client as well as the new Query View feature.


Lotus Notes' document check-in/check-out functionality
Learn how use a built-in Lotus Notes function to lock out a requirements document if someone is working on it.

Create dynamic table in Domino Designer 6
Discover how to create a dynamic table so that a Lotus Notes user can insert or remove lines.

Error creating product object
A Lotus Domino developer is receiving the message, "Error creating product object" when trying to connect to a DB2 table using an LCLSX agent. expert Brad Balassaitis explains how to detect the source of the error.

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