An introduction to Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI)

Get introduced to Lotus Enterprise Integrator and learn how to use LEI to seamlessly integrate the apps in your Notes Domino environment.

IBM Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI) for Domino is an application that allows real-time access to enterprise data through integration with non-Lotus Notes Domino applications such as DB2, SQL and Oracle. This allows companies to use several different applications while also using multiple platforms. Get introduced to Lotus Enterprise Integrator with this collection of tips, articles and expert advice, and learn how to use LEI to seamlessly integrate the applications in your Lotus Notes Domino environment.


Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI) overview
Here's a good starting point if you're a LEI novice. You'll get a solid overview of exactly what Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI) is and what it does. Also included are the features and benefits you can hope to achieve by using it and the new feature enhancements.

Lotus Enterprise Integrator demo
If you're more of a visual person, this IBM demo of Lotus Enterprise Integrator will interest you. You'll get a hands-on feel of what you can accomplish by using LEI and discover how to access and manage enterprise data integration.

What's new in LEI 7? 
Learn about the improvements that have been made in Lotus Enterprise Integrator 7. The two main enhancements you'll learn about are reliability and serviceability. You'll also discover the new features and user interface changes, including Lotus Connector and Oracle improvements. The abundance of screenshots will give you an even better handle on all the new enhancements.

Moving Domino attachments to your RDBMS with LEI, without writing script
Find out how you can move attachments from a Lotus Notes Domino database into an RDBMS table, making them readable from within the RDBMS itself. Best of all, you can do this quickly without writing a single line of script code. Screenshots are also included here to facilitate the learning process.


Connecting to a remote DB2 server with LEI expert Andre Guirard offers advice to a Domino developer on how to connect to a remote DB2 database server using LEI.

Are there technical reasons for upgrading an LEI 3.1 server? 
You might want to think about upgrading your Lotus Enterprise Integrator at the same time you upgrade your Lotus Domino servers. Find out why.

Get LEI to work in evaluation mode
Read about the steps you'll need to take to get LEI to work in evaluation mode when working with ODBC drivers.

How can I simulate an LSSession outside LEI?
Discover steps you'll need to take and some code you'll need to write into a scheduled agent to simulate an LSSession outside the LEI environment.

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